The Ahern Brothers Collection

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Publisher Description

Two hot & sexy billionaire brothers. Two different stories. Two unexpected happily ever afters. 

Enjoy this collection of steamy romances now!

Stories included:

Begin with Me

Back to You

Once Upon A Holiday 

PLUS bonus content.

The Ahern Brothers contains one duet and one full-length, standalone romance holiday.

December 16
Cyburg Ink, LLC
Literally Alpaca Illustrations, LLC

Customer Reviews

95one ,

Loved the Collection!

OMG—-there is so much! I LOVED this book—this collection of The Ahern Brothers gives you a little of each being —dark, infectious, flirty, sexy, heartbreaking, and a roller coaster of emotions that at the same time it will be unputdownable. This book had so many fantastic lines and inner dialogue.

Begin with Me/Back to You
Claudia Burgoa has outdone herself with this collection, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat in this raw, heart-pounding dark and edgy romance. This duet is emotionally tumultuous, indelible, guttural with gritty and real issues that are addicting. Please be aware that there are some trigger points about kidnapping, PTSD, childhood trauma, and rape. This book is flawlessly and poignantly written about Weston (Wes) Ahern and Abigail (Abby) Lyons. Wes is very handsome, kindhearted, attentive, and he was adopted by the Ahern family. When Wes meets Abby, who is the foster girl that the Ahern’s takes in, Wes feels very close to her—they soon became best friends. Wes is unaware of Abby’s past or the secret she is hiding. Unfortunately, Abby’s past comes back to haunt her with a vengeance. What happens next? Will Wes find out Abby’s secret? This duet is so intriguing with its twists and turns—some you see coming, some you don’t. I was holding my breathe because it was a tangled mess of lies, deceit, and secrets. It was amazing and my blood was pumping like crazy. Their chemistry leaps off the page, and they were combustible. Wes and Abby’s relationship certainly wasn’t an easy one—they will fascinate you and frustrate you at the same time. You will enjoy reading this book.

Once Upon a Holiday
Loved this rom-com book! It was outstanding! Claudia Burgoa delivers a sweet, sexy and fun tale for Christmas. It will have you laughing and you won’t be able to put it down. The storyline is quite unique, and the characters portray combustible chemistry, together and individually, that makes them feel genuine, natural and heartfelt. You will swoon over Sterling Ahern, who has been deemed the wealthiest and most eligible bachelor, who is also a recluse billionaire, is a famous artist and owns real estate. Juniper (June) Spearman is extremely organized—devised a 30-day project to restart her life, but she soon finds that sometimes things do not go as planned. After renting a house from Sterling, June finds that he is handsome, sexy, cold, demanding, and arrogant after an incident that occurred by his rental house. Sterling find that he likes the feisty, sassy, and obstinate beautiful woman. Opposites don’t always attract, or do they! Destiny seems to have brought them together—and their story is one you will want to read. This comedic and flirtatious relationship between the characters exudes sincerity and openness. This is entertaining and fervent, with a dash of dreams coming true.

sammyreads ,

Beautiful and Emotional

Begin with Me

Begin with me is the first book & was absolute perfection. It was captivating and kept me hooked. Wes and Abby meet when she comes to live with his family as a teenaged foster child. Wes had also been a foster child before the Aherns adopted him when he was five. Wes feels an instant connection to Abby, and a strong desire to help and protect her. They become best friends, and over the years, their feelings grow and develop into much more. Both of them had dealt with dark past. The story was heartbreaking and at the same time heartwarming. It had angst & was emotional, raw and does have some triggers .

Back to You

Back to you is the emotional conclusion of Wes and Abby’s story . The journey these two take defying the odds and carving their own destiny. My heart broke for both Wes and Abby . It was really emotional and angsty. An absolute perfect conclusion to Wes and Abby’s story. It does have some triggers.

Once upon a Holiday

Once Upon a Holiday is heartwarming, touching and engaging read. Claudia has seamless interconnected the Spearman’s ( Maybe Later , Then He Happened) and Ahern’s ( Chaotic Love ) in this story though you don’t have to have to read the previous books it’s still nice to get glimpses of characters you have met in previous books.

The story captivated my attention from the moment these two interact . Sterling is a broody loner and goes with the flow where as June is a planner .They couldn’t be more opposite of each other but once they meet spark fly though both of them are not looking for commitment. I really enjoyed the banter and chemistry between Sterling and June. Claudia did absolute justice to both Sterling and June characters, there was so much more depth to their characters. I loved everything about the story from the plot to characters it was very engaging.

The story was sweet , fun and definitely gave me a hallmark movie feeling. It is a perfect read to get you started in the holiday spirit.

This collection is perfect. Specially with the bonus content . A captivating read and I would highly recommend this collection.

LisanneH ,

Better to get them all in one bundle

Wes and Sterling are brothers and Abby is their foster sister.

Wes and Abby have a complicated and nuanced relationship tinged with angst and past trauma. Their story takes place over a duet.

Sterling gets his own standalone with June (who we met in previous Books). It’s a lighter book and holiday themed.

Recommend because being relentlessly practical, it’s better to get all the goodness in one bundle.

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