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The Brand Within, the second title in "The Shark" Daymond John's best-selling Display of Power series of business, motivational and empowerment books aimed at young would-be entrepreneurs, examines the loyalty relationships companies and celebrities seek to establish with their customers and fans, along with the identifying marks consumers carry when they buy into a brand or lifestyle. Drawing on his own experiences on the cutting edge of the fashion business, as well as on his hard-won insights developed as a sough-after marketing consultant to global trendsetters and tastemakers, the author maintains that branding relationships have now seeped into every aspect of our lives and that in order to survive and thrive in the marketplace, consumers and aspiring professionals need to understand and nurture those relationships.

Business & Personal Finance
September 21
Display of Power Publishing
Display of Power Publishing Inc.

Customer Reviews

eric_hellon ,

Great Branding Book

This was a great reminder to always be aware of the image you are putting out in the world. Book was a page turner and an easy read. Glad I bought it!

Thomas.scott.carroll ,

The Brand Within

While I enjoyed reading The Brand Within, I think I was expecting a little bit more information about brand building and possibly a little bit less about the brand that you build that is yourself.

I could write a book like that myself. I actually think most people could as long as they could delineate what they had gone through in succeeding or failing in their businesses or personal lives.

I did enjoy some of Damond's examples and thought that the variety of different examples was a plus for this book.

I saw that there was additional material available that could update the book but I didn't feel like I needed to address that once I finished. The book would be much better as a download if that material could be somehow integrated within the original manuscript on perhaps a quarterly basis. This would keep the book a little bit more current and would avoid timing errors and inconsistencies like the deaths of certain people cited as examples of various principles. I found these inconsistencies a little jarring as I read through the book at the breakneck pace I usually do.

Over all, though, this was an incredibly amiable read and I do recommend it for people looking to build themselves into a recognizable brand. There is more than enough information inside to get them on the right path.

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