The Mint Julep Murders

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From New York Times bestselling author Angie Fox

For Southern girl Verity Long, friendship means sitting down to stories and sweet tea on the front porch. For her gangster ghost housemate, it means dragging Verity out to a remote haunted asylum during a raging thunderstorm to do a favor for a long-dead mob boss.

But Verity is always ready to help out a friend, even one as eternally eccentric as Frankie. And in the case of Mint Julep Manor, the stakes are too high to refuse. The criminally insane mob boss holds a secret to Frankie's past, one that might set Frankie free. Do the favor--survive the favor--and they might change Frankie's afterlife for good. Fail, and they might never leave the asylum.

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5 Stars!  “This author is fantastic.”

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Rating: Clean and Wholesome

Paranormal Cozy Mystery Romance (with a cute pet skunk!)

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 25
Moose Island Books
Angela Marie Fox

Customer Reviews

1BizzyReader ,

Quick Enjoyable Read

Verity, Ellis and of course Frankie head out to a Haunted Asylum! "Que The Creepy Music" They are dead set on a visit to the otherworldly prison to Frankie's old mob boss for answers to Frankie's past. The otherworldly prison that was once located on Verity's property has been moved to A Haunted Asylum called Mint Julep Manor. In exchange for access to the Manor Verity must help the current owner Barbara get some dirty on the current ghostly inhabitants to boost her Haunted Asylum tours. Barbara is in debt deep, and needs to start racking in some dough quickly, or she'll lose the Asylum!! What was supposed to be a quick tour, and talk with Frankie's old boss end up being a murderous adventure.

This one was just a little better than OK for me!!! It has an interesting premise, and I love the main characters. However I kind of felt like the asylum, and ghosts there were not as creepy as they could have been. I was not fond of the ending at all it winds down way to quick and easy for me. Which is weird because generally I love this series. I felt like if the author was going to tackle an Asylum she should have brought the creep factor ,but this one is more just hokey. I didn't really feel like the main characters were ever in danger. That may be because Verity, and gang always make it out mostly unscathed with just their ego's a little bruised, and its becoming an old hat, or that this one just fell flat for me. It all starts our with the name of the Asylum nothing says scary like Mint Julep Manor...... well not really LOL! I think I just felt like nothing bad could happen in the Julep Manor.

Overall it was a quick enjoyable read, but just not very believable for me.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review, my review is in no way enhanced because of this!!

Jane305 ,

Great story

Always entertaining, these stories pierce the veil between worlds perfectly.

kanncook ,

Intense, not a light fun read

Not typical of this series. If you’re looking for a lighter read, skip this book & choose another in the series. One dark incident after another with nothing light or hopeful or humorous to break them up. It’s just gone from dark to darker, and the ending is too blithe & wraps up way too quickly & shallowly to balance out the depth & weight of the rest of the story. Not what I was looking for. Should’ve listened to some of the other reviews.

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