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She sent an innocent man to prison. Now, eight years later, he's returning the favor...

I've been obsessed with Rafe Mason since I was thirteen. The twisted part of this story is that I still want him even now that he's holding me captive on an island.

Rafe has his reasons for doing what he's doing, and if I'm honest, I can't blame him. I'm the girl who sent him to prison for a heinous crime he didn't commit.

But now he's free and the tables have he's the one driven by obsession.

NOTE TO READERS: Torrent is a dark romance with kidnapping and other disturbing themes. Intended for mature readers. Not for the faint of heart. You've been warned. Part 1 in the Condemned series.

July 20
Gemma James
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Msllllll ,

Suprisingly Spiritual

I read ALOT and have never felt the compulsion to write a review. This book touched me in a way that will stay with me a long time. This book illustrates clearly that life throws us the hardest struggles to endure, breaks us down so completely that we become something different, hopefully better. It shows the fine lines between love/hate, justice/vengeance, pleasure/pain, but to me it shows the ultimate healing power of love.

Mattspunkingurl ,

Not my cup of tea

I read the whole book in the hopes that it would improve. It didn't. If you're into very bad things like rape, torture, and abduction you might like this book. If you don't want to read about that, don't get it. The entire book is about rape and abuse.

Boodles75205 ,


I generally rate books I merely like "4 *"... So this is saying something. If you have a grade school grammatical education, or a moral compass, this is probably not for you. :(

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