#1 - Trashy Affair

Trashy Foreplay

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Publisher Description

He's flying home to confront his cheating wife.
She's running from her life in shame.
Neither expected to fall in love 35,000 feet in the air.

With my heart and reputation in ruins, I can't afford to make another mistake. Boarding a flight to Seattle is supposed to give me a clean slate, but from the moment Cash Montgomery slides into the seat next to mine, I'm captivated by his steel eyes that see too much. I ache for this stranger in a way I've never ached for anyone.

But I didn't know he was married, and I sure as hell didn't see the curveball fate had in store. My clean slate in Seattle isn't so clean after all because my new boss is the man forbidden to me.

And the only man I want.

The only man I'll do anything for, even if it means breaking the promise I made to myself when I fled my old life in shame.

I wasn't supposed to fall for a married man, but I did.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Trashy Foreplay is a steamy forbidden romance suitable for mature audiences only. Though the subject matter deals with adultery, there are no innocent parties here. Book 1 in the Trashy Affair duet.

August 3
Gemma James
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kelly_BTC Blog ,

A tantalizing and tempting quick read!

My goodness...I was not expecting this book, AT ALL!! So much yum is packed into this tantalizing and tempting quick read!

Okay....so, I'm just going to say it: some people will probably be turned off right away from this book, because the author clearly states that this story involves cheating. Some people will consider this a fine line to cross when incorporating it into the subject matter. But the approach the author took with this controversial topic and expanding the reader's perception was just downright brilliant!

Trashy Foreplay is so much more than what is initially expected. You're given a story about two lost and heartbroken people, who find an all-consuming love during one of the worst times in their lives. And no matter what they say to themselves and each other, and how hard they fight it, their passion and chemistry is too powerful of a force to deny. You learn what drove each character to where they are, and the choices everyone made. And the more that is uncovered, you can't help but hope for what everyone wants out of life...a HEA.

By the time you're finished with this book, you'll be left with more questions than what you started out with. That's all I'm going to say about that, as I hate revealing spoilers. Actions have been taken that will leave you curious, and decisions need to be made that will toy with your emotions.

I was instantly captivated with this story line and the unique characters at play. Just when I was finally given what I wanted, it was ripped away, and I was left desperately wanting more! I'm beyond excited for the next book! If it's even half as good as Trashy Foreplay, I know I won't be disappointed.

ani_angel ,

Loved it:)

Thank you for the good read! I felt the characters and the feelings they had for each other.

straighttalker198 ,

Once a cheater

Jules didn’t even tell cash why she fled to Seattle, it was for the same reason cash despised his wife! Jules is a cheater! Cash never told Jules why he couldn’t divorce her, which isn’t that hard. Cash was closed off while cash forced Jules to open herself up. I wasted so much time on this book. It took the whole book for them to finally sleep together. The ending sucked. The whole book was just a tease and pointless.

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