Warriors: A Starless Clan #2: Sky

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Erin Hunter’s #1 bestselling Warriors series continues! Discover more epic adventure in this second book in the Starless Clan arc.

Disaster has struck at the heart of RiverClan, leaving its warriors and its new medicine cat apprentice scrambling to protect their Clan—even if it means lying to the others. But at a time when the warrior code itself is shifting, no Clan is truly at peace… or truly safe.

Packed with action and intrigue, this seventh Warriors series is a perfect introduction for new readers, while long-time fans will be thrilled to discover what unfolds after the events of The Broken Code.

November 1
Grades 3-7

Customer Reviews

MagnoliaHeart <3 ,

Here’s the third chapter, lovelies!

Dappleshade- iM hUrT- hOw DaRe YoU not gUeSs mah AgE?

I’ll update this when the next chapter is out! Also I have the chapter list somewhere…

Chapter three

Around eight moons later, I went on a patrol with NickelFeather and IvyDawn. I felt like I was constantly being stared at because of my jaw. It was worse at Gatherings. I was the weirdo among the clans. The mouse-brain. All because of a stupid mistake I’d made. Rescuing a kit, even though it was in the code. It made me want to run away, and leave the life that I called home. One day, I left camp on a patrol by myself. I just.. just wanted to be alone. So I ran. I ran and ran and ran until I couldn’t. I had run so far, I couldn’t even tell where I was. There was a huge clearing, and I spotted a group of cats, just walking around, resting as if they hadn’t a care in the world. I watched them intently, then sensed another cat nearby. I tensed up and whipped around. There was no one. I looked around, still feeling like I was being watched. Then, as I looked up, a large orange-and-white-mottled tom jumped out of a tree, and onto me. I yowled, and rolled away, quickly escaping him. The tom was tall, and very handsome, and had a blue feather behind his ear. I felt flustered, but I wouldn’t let his appearance distract me, “Who are you?! Why are you here?!” I demanded as confidently as I could muster. The tom let a wry grin escape, “Shouldn’t I be asking for that?…” I flattened my ears, embarrassed, “Depends if you belong to the clan down there.” The tom laughed and nodded, “So you’re a clan cat… what are you doing out here?” I looked away, “I kinda ran away on a patrol… I… I just don’t belong there, ya know? Ever since my accident-“ I caught myself and turned away, “Here I am; pouring out my entire life story to a cat I don’t know from anywhere.” The tom flicked his tail, “I know how you feel… I’m Call of a Lark in a Tree; or just Tree for short.” I felt my fur rise… he looked so much like TreeClaw already, and now his name was Tree. Great. Just great. “I have to be going. My name’s LilyLeap, for your information.” With that, I sprinted off, running toward ThunderClan as fast as I could. When I reached the territory, I ran into RoseThorn’s patrol, containing RoseThorn, LeopardSplash, TreeClaw, and LotusClaw. TreeClaw gave me a suspicious look, “Where have YOU been? RushingStar sent a whole patrol looking for you.” RoseThorn shot a glare at TreeClaw, and smiled at me, “Glad to see you’re safe.” I nodded, attempting to ignore TreeClaw, “I just went on a walk,” Then, shooting a glance at TreeClaw, I added, “for those of you wondering.” TreeClaw looked away quickly, and lead the others back to camp. LittleDusk and NickelFeather ran to me and nuzzled me, “Oh! Sweet darling girl! We were so worried about you! Where in the name of Starclan were you?!” My mother rushed out urgently. I laughed, “I just went on a very, very long walk. I’m all right.” NickelFeather pressed his head on me, then wrinkled his nose, “Were you attacked? I smell another cat on you.” I could hear murmuring from the others, “I bet she is mates with a rogue…” “LilyHeart would be ashamed…” “What a disappointment she must be to LittleDusk and NickelFeather…” I felt my fur ruffle, “How dare you think I would dishonor my clan or my parents! The one who should be ashamed is all of you for having such ill thoughts of a clan-mate.” I could hear audible gasps from the crowd, and see the look of shock on my parents’ faces. I looked at all of my clan-mates, “No one disagrees? Wonderful!” And I strutted off to the warriors’ den. “LilyLeap?..” I looked behind me to see NickelHaze, “Oh. Hi NickelHaze.”
My brother sat next to me, “So, WERE you attacked or?..” I looked up at him, “I was attacked.. but unharmed.” I could sense NickelHaze tense up, “Was it another clan?” I chuckled awkwardly, “Kind of?..” NickelHaze growled, “Which one? And don’t lie to me, LilyLeap.” I looked at my brother, trying to decide what to do, “It wasn’t any clan nearby…” NickelHaze snorted, “Then who was it? An ancient tribe?” I glared, “He didn’t tell me who he was.” NickelHazes’ ears perked, “It was a tom?! A tom attacked you?!” I laughed nervously, “He didn’t lay a claw on me. I-“ NickelHaze stormed off, fuming. “NickelHaze?” I meowed, following him. “Don’t chase him, sweet LilyLeap…” I felt a breeze and a chilling air next to me. “Who are you?!” I finally demanded the voice, “Your mother’s mother… I am LilyHeart, you are my namesake.” I looked around, “Why have you chosen to haunt me LilyHeart?!” LilyHeart laughed softly, “Chosen to haunt you? Darling little mouse, I’m the one who’s been chosen to guide you.” I understood she was my grandmother, but this was just… just weird. “In what do I need guidance?” Then, slowly, a figure appeared. LilyHeart had made herself visible… “I-… You… how?” LilyHeart looked around the warriors’ den, “Been a while since I’ve been here…” I looked at my grandmother. She (even though she was a Starclan cat) was very beautiful. Her fur sparkled with stars, her eyes were sky-blue. It was obvious why MoonWater had fallen in love with her. For one, her kindness and smile, two, she was one of the most beautiful she-cats I’d ever seen. “H-how.. how did you die?” I inquired, curious. LilyHeart turned away, her eyes closed, “It was a sickness… I wish I could have lived long enough to tell you stories of my adventures… I’m sure LittleDusk has told you as much as she could have remembered.” I nodded, not wishing to lie to LilyHeart. but also not wanting to hurt her feelings. LilyHeart looked out of the warriors’ den, to the elders’ den, “How.. how is MoonWater? Does he miss me?” LilyLeap sighed, “Yes, he does… cats’ say that he was never the same after… you know…” LilyHeart looked away. “Oh… my poor MoonWater… he didn’t deserve to lose me so soon.” I looked at LilyHeart, pitying her, “The whole clan knows you never meant this, LilyHeart…” •I only wish that I could prove it…•

soph of bred ,

Guess what my warrior cat characters look like!

Characters: DawnStar/foot, GrayWillow, HalfFace, BlackStar, SmallStorm, PoppyEar, MistyLeaf.

PantherstarofSkyclan ,

I don’t feel like doing anything else…

OC time!

Light brown spotted tabby she-cat with green eyes
Clan: ShadowClan
Position: Warrior
Father: Birdheart
Mother: Kestrelleaf (died not long after Kestrelclaw was born)
Brothers: Cloudpelt, Echoheart
Mate: Ravenwing

Black-and-gray tom with amber eyes
Clan: ShadowClan
Position: Warrior
Father: Nightsong
Mother: Silvercloud
Brothers: Tigerwing, Dappletooth
Sisters: Featherwing, Graywing
Mate: Kestrelclaw

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