The Dangerous Gift (Wings of Fire #14‪)‬

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The #1 New York Times bestselling series continues!Snowfall didn't expect to be queen of the IceWings at such a young age, but now that she is, she's going to be the best queen ever. All she has to do is keep her tribe within IceWing territory, where it's safe -- while keeping every other tribe out, where they belong.It's a perfect and simple plan, backed up by all the IceWing magic Snowfall can find. That is, until a storm of unidentified dragons arrives on her shore, looking for asylum.The foreigners are completely strange and, Snowfall is certain, utterly untrustworthy. But as she escorts the miserable new tribes out of her kingdom, Snowfall is forced to reconsider her plan. Maybe she can only keep her tribe safe . . . if she's willing to risk everything.

March 2
Scholastic Inc.
Scholastic Inc.
Grades 3-7

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butiful dragon lover ,

Part 36

Snapper was taking another team of Reaperwings with Riot to scout the forest. ‘Stupid patrol. I want to do something.’ She thought. It was just her, Riot, Venom, and a few others suddenly her antenna flew upwards. She turned her head and she could see many of the last dragons were fleeing. Which means that her fellow Reaperwings weren’t far behind. She heard the roar of the I-rexwing and Snapper instinctively climbed to the trees. And she could see more Reaperwings chasing them. ‘Yes! A chase! And I can’t wait to ambush them.’ She waited for a moment. Venom and the other five Reaperwings the were going to cut them off and Snapper and Riot were going to attack from above. They slowed down a little but she could tell that they could fight them off. But their job was to simply slow them down. ‘One more step… NOW!’ She and Riot jumped onto several dragons. She jumped onto Deathflame. ‘See Riot! I’ll show him I’m not weak when I take this one out.’ She dug her sharp teeth into his shoulder and dug her claws into his back. He roared with fury and whipped around and grabbed her. But she refused to let go. “We need to fly! It’s the only way!” A dragon shouted. Everyone lifted into the air flying away. And so did Deathflame. “Snapper! Let go!” Riot called. But she didn’t want to. She was never going to let go. “Get off me.” He hissed when he was in the air. But she clung on tighter. Another dragon tried lifting her off him but he yelped as she dug in her claws. “That things got a death grip.” She stated. “And nasty claws are teeth.” He grumbled. Snapper retracted her teeth but kept her claws in. “Excuse me! I keep my claws and teeth cleaned! They are not nasty! But you scales are! Yuck! But I still won’t let go till you die! That’ll show Riot I’m not a baby or weak!” She hissed and bit into his neck. “Ow! Hay! Easy with those teeth. For a small thing you’re teeth are sharp.” Snapper smiled. “Why thank you.” She said. “Maybe if I…” the other dragon said. She felt two talons pressing against the corners of her mouth. She was forced to let go immediately. “Hay! Rude!” Snapper growled. “Well we have a prisoner. Maybe she’ll tell us some stuff.” Deathflame said rubbing his shoulder wound. Snapper let go immediately. “I’m nobodies prisoner!” She shouted. But she was grabbed by several dragons. They landed on top of a hill overlooking the forest. “So the I-Rexwing is your new alpha?” A dragon snapped. “For this planet.” She answered. “Who is in charge?” Deathflame asked. “Our queen! She lives on a desolate planet somewhere and she gives the orders. But she is guarded by the largest Reaperwing army. And you can’t set a single talon on the ground of that planet without stepping on a Reaperwing. She is the biggest of us. She is even bigger then the I-rexwing. And has more weapons and is extremely strong. If you can even get close to the planet.” The dragons glanced at each other. “What if one of us kills the alpha?” Deathflame asked. “Then you are in charge. Although…if you’re a bad leader. We will eat you. We need to feast of of you large creatures. Dragons, Rhinos, elephants, space octopuses, gelps, Aliens, you name it!” She answered with a yawn. “What do you want with us?” A dragon asked. “To eat you! Duh! We are hungry! You can run from us but you can’t hide. And we will cover the entire galaxy eventually. All of you will be dead sooner or later. You are no match for us! You will all die.” She smiled feeling proud of making this moment feel very terrifying. “Let me at her! She served her purpose!” A dragon snapped jumping at her. “No don’t!” Deathflame shouted. But it was too late. The dragon dug his claws into her sides. “Run!” He shouted. Suddenly almost as immediately as he dug his claws in he jerked back. He started a high pitch screech along with five other dragons that couldn’t get back in time. “We cannot leave them!” A yellow dragon shouted. “Do you want to die?” A dark blue one snapped dragging her away. As all five dragons exploded. And many young Reaperwings took their place. She turned to a small purple one. “Follow them.” She whispered. He nodded and bolted away after them. “The rest of you follow me.” She orders. She enjoyed being in charge.

Yeah I am a Star wars fan. And a
Jurassic park/ World fan. And a Ninjago fan And Marvel fan.
And How to train your dragon fan. And Transformers fan. And Warrior Cats fan! When it becomes a show.

Your next part should be in the
Brightest night graphic novel!

Shadow the rain/NightWing ,

Part 35

From the last part are you a fellow Star Wars fan. Obi wan kenobi is my favorite next to R2 and c3po.


After getting that TwilightWing I smile, I will kill every dragon I see. I see a small one with pinkish colors and some green and yellow I start to sneak up to it. Then out of no where another dragonet older then it runs and pulls the dragonet away. I stopped for a second, I get closer she stopped “ReaperWings” I say. They circle around her in the trees where when I send the signal they will kill them both. Out of no one she bolts to a spot where there was no ReaperWings. We chase her like a pack of Raptors but out of no where two of those Star wing dragons come out I think they where called NightWings. They breath fire at me and I bite into one and signal the others to get the second one. We may have lost the Fox dragon but we will get one day. I make some Raptor sounds, it was meant for actually talking to Raptors but still, it’s my second language. “Okay, our next mission is to find the dragons camp, I want to get even with the dragon that threw the sharp objects” I say. “But this place is big” A ReaperWing says, I think his name was Grim. “Use your heat night and x ray vision” I yell. I go through the forest and and roar.


I run through the forest, the tiny dragonet pats my fur. I look around for its parents. That was to close for comfort, i almost got killed. Those Night dragons came out of no where and then those scary ones to. I listen for more, i listen for SoundWaves music call (so uh in the hunger rue had that four note whistle look it up it’s a beautiful sound). I hear it and I start to bolt for the sound. Us FoxWings don’t have much abilities except amazing hearing and sense of smell I was told I have the best senses of the tribe. I’m not sure if it’s true though. “What was that” the dragonet asked. “I-I don’t know, but it wanted to kill you” I respond. I hear tiny foot steps behind me. It’s lucky those ReaperWings have heat vision at the same time as X-Ray vision. Imagine having X-ray vision it must be weird. I loose their scent and sound so I run back. I see the other dragons and I go down in the burrows that some dragons made for a underground base. I drop the dragonet down. “That was a close one” I say. “Did you loose anyone” Raptor asks. “Yes, we lost two night wings” I say. “We need to kill the I-rex, think of it like this. If a Alpha of a pack dies then the others would either complain and fight on who’s the strongest or like ants die” she says. “Yes but their not Raptors or ants raptor” I say. A tiny dragonet named Dark nebula runs past me and DeathFlame follows. I didn’t get to know them much I just know their names. The both crawl out the hole and DeathFlame looks up in shock. “Hello DeathFlame” a voice says. “So you guys decided to come crawling back” he responds. “Oh look and the baby dino became a big gal now hasn’t she” he continues. “Baby Dino” Nebula says. “Burn him” the I-Rex wing says and growls. “We can’t he has the strongest fire proof scales we’ve ever seen” A Reaperwing says. I crawl up the hole and another dragon I think his name was GameMaker follows. “There he is” the I-rexWing growls. She goes to bite into him but instead DeathFlame shoots some of his blue flames into the I-RexWings mouth. She leans back breathing and coughs out the smoke “sadly she will be fine” DeathFlame whispers. “Attack” She yells. We where them pulled down and it was locked. “It will hold them long enough to get us to the safety bunker” I say. “Okay” GameMaker say. “SoundWave warn the others” I say. “Okay Fox” he says and makes his voice louder and yells “everyone to the safety bunker”.
(Btw Rex Fox looks like a Red fox but has white eyes and black at the top of her ears she has fox ears instead of horns and fur and fox tail)

(I’ll try a ReaperWing now)

I use my saliva like the other ReaperWings to open the hatch after a while we slide in our new alpha can’t really fit. I run around the place but it was empty we all look around but then we see a big locked door like thing. “They think they can get away” Grim says. I look at him “well they did get away the last few times”
Grim shoots me a look. Once we get this door open we will have all the last dragons in our grasp and leave the few dragons The alpha to her.

(Okay im happy with this part)

game rainbow ,

Leafwings but better

Fantribe: Plantwings

Abilities: They have venom in their claws like thorns and injectable paralyzing venom in their fangs, they have hooked claws so they can climb trees, they have long elegant leaf shaped wings and they have two short antennae that can detect vibrations so even if their eyes are closed they will know if there are dragons near them or not because they sense their vibrations. They have a deep connection with plants and can actually communicate with them using an ability called leafspeak, they are very good gardeners. They can absorb energy from the sun like rainwings. Theres an extremely rare ability that allows Plantwings to control plants (example they can order a vine to grow out of the ground and strangle their enemies) but its very rare and no Plantwing with that ability has been seen in generations also only Plantwings in the royal family get the ability. They are suited to living in a very dangerous jungle. They are slim but muscular like a hivewing. They are swift agile dragons that can dodge attacks easily. If a Plantwing breaks a rule they get executed, even the tiniest most minor rule gets broken they will be executed. And I am not talking about a normal execution im talking Daganropa level execution and every Plantwing in the kingdom is forced to come and view it to remind everyone to follow the rules or you’re DEAD. Other than that they are a pretty friendly tribe. In my au the weak Leafwings were replaced by the strong Plantwings and in the war between Plantwings and Hivewings the plantwings won! So the Plantwings rule over both silkwings and hivewings. Plantwings are first class Silkwings are middle class and Hivewings are at the very bottom.

Appearance: They have the same color variation as leafwings

Naming: Named after plants

Weaknesses: They have delicate wings that tear easily sometimes they get ripped off entirely but luckily the wings grow back quickly, they have a poor sense of smell but very good sight and hearing, they are very weak to fire

Royalty: Queen Vine and King Bush, Princess Branch, Prince Tree

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