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Caliban's War is the second book in the New York Times bestselling Expanse series.

For someone who didn't intend to wreck the solar system's fragile balance of power, Jim Holden did a pretty good job of it.

While Earth and Mars have stopped shooting each other, the core alliance is shattered. The outer planets and the Belt are uncertain in their new - possibly temporary - autonomy.

Then, on one of Jupiter's moons, a single super-soldier attacks, slaughtering soldiers of Earth and Mars indiscriminately and reigniting the war. The race is on to discover whether this is the vanguard of an alien army, or if the danger lies closer to home.

The Expanse series has sold over two million copies worldwide and is now a major television series.

The Expanse series:
Leviathan Wakes
Caliban's War
Abaddon's Gate
Cibola Burn
Nemesis Games
Babylon's Ashes
Persepolis Rising

Praise for the Expanse:

'The science fictional equivalent of A Song of Ice and Fire' NPR Books

'As close as you'll get to a Hollywood blockbuster in book form' io9.com

'Great characters, excellent dialogue, memorable fights' wired.com

'High adventure equalling the best space opera has to offer, cutting-edge technology and a group of unforgettable characters . . . Perhaps one of the best tales the genre has yet to produce' Library Journal

'This is the future the way it's supposed to be' Wall Street Journal

'Tense and thrilling' SciFiNow

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 7
Little, Brown Book Group

Customer Reviews

bonedaddy75 ,

A gripping sequel

I bought this after reading Leviathan Wakes and I was hooked immediately, this book picks up a few months after the first story with an attack by an alien super soldier which then turns into a search for a missing girl with an autoimmune disease and then finally a short war between three factions. There is also a good political side story and a few good new characters intermixed with the main cast.
A really good, gripping story. I have already read the third book now and will buy the fourth.

Skitek-dj ,


After reading the first book which was in all fairness brilliant 'caliban's war' leaves a lot to be desired. Nowhere near as gripping and fast paced as the first instalment. Really disappointed, but I had high expectations after reading 'leviathan wakes'.. Still not a bad read though, just don't expect the same atmosphere as the first book.

Megados ,

Caliban's War

Brilliant high octane sequel to Leviathan Wakes kept me hooked from beginning to end can't wait for the third.

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