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Nine hundred thousand years ago, something wiped out the Amarantin. For the human colonists now settling the Amarantin homeworld Resurgam, it's of little more than academic interest, even after the discovery of a long-hidden, almost perfect Amarantin city and a colossal statue of a winged Amarantin. For brilliant but ruthless scientist Dan Sylveste, it's more than merelty intellectual curiosity - and he will stop at nothing to get at the truth. Even if the truth costs him everything. But the Amarantin were wiped out for a reason, and that danger is closer and greater than even Syveste imagines ...

REVELATION SPACE: a huge, magnificent space opera that ranges across the known and unknown universe ... towards the most terrifying of destinations.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 10

Customer Reviews

Ragmaninov ,

Surprisingly poor

I came to this book from Iain M. Banks, hoping to find some of the things I love about his books; beautifully drawn worlds, epic set pieces, fascinating characters. It didn't happen. Difficult to know where to start, but i found this book dull. The story is plain boring. Weirdly, the importance of the activities the characters are engaged in is only revealed about 5 pages from the end, which means the rest of the book is totally lacking in suspense. The characters are neither well formed or interesting enough to sympathise with. The dialogue is weak and baggy. There's too much boring tech speak. And the worst thing was being annoyed by the author apparently using a thesaurus where one wasn't needed. He seemed to want to use an alternate word for everything, even when the obvious word would have been more suitable. I dragged myself to the end of this book through sheer bloody mindedness but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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