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'Emotionally riveting and will test your tear ducts to the limit' Daily Express

In all thirteen years of Anna's life, her parents have never given her a choice: she was born to be her sister Kate's bone marrow donor and she has always given Kate everything she needs.

But when Anna is told Kate needs a new kidney, she begins to question how much she should be prepared to do to save the older sibling she has always been defined by. So Anna makes a decision that will change their family forever - perhaps even fatally for the sister she loves.

From internationally bestselling author Jodi Picoult comes a masterpiece which asks us just how much we should do to care for the ones we love.

THE BOOK OF TWO WAYS, Jodi's stunning new novel about life, death and missed opportunities is available to pre-order now.

Fiction & Literature
January 22
Hodder & Stoughton

Customer Reviews

AlexanderHamilton🤩 ,

Mostly very good but...

Don’t get me wrong, I really loved this book and for a whole 24 hours couldn’t put it down!!!! However there were a few little things that annoyed me...

Firstly, the number of narrators it had. The book it told by pretty much all of the main characters in the book, which is understandable as the topics the book dealt with required this, but some I felt really weren’t necessary and I found myself wanting to skip Campbell and Julia’s parts and just wanting to read Anna and Sara’s. But just a minor thing and I think if I re-read it I’d get over it.

Next, I really disliked and didn’t get the relationship between Campbell and Julia. Both of them are quite minor characters and Julia especially, I don’t think is at all relevant to the main plot of the story. I just thought it a bit strange that’s all and just a bit boring.

Lastly, the ending.... I know it’s a very unexpected ending (I had made guesses but wow I wasn’t even close) and it has had very mixed reviews. I have mixed feelings myself: I thought it was a brilliant idea (I won’t spoil it) and it was definitely a plot twist, however I think there cou,d have been a few more pages devoted to it and the characters’ reactions more developed, it was just kind of: plot twist happens, the end.

Having said all of that, this book was INCREDIBLE and made me cry on multiple occasions so I would recommend if you’re in the mood for a moving, sad story.

Victoria_belfast ,

Movie doesn't compare

People say books always beat the movies and in this case that is 100% true. Well done Jodi.

tbeckett91 ,


I watched the film and loved it so much so that I decided to read the book. The book is even better than the film. I was particularly impressed with the portrayal of each character, how the writer was able to eloquently put you in the shoes of each character. I cried on a number of occasions but the twist at the end broke me down, I wasn’t expecting it but that to me is what a good book is about.

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