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Some urban legends hold a truth more horrifying than any story…

After her life in Gaslight City went up in flames, Peri Jean Mace starts over in a new city—as a witch-for-hire.

But when Peri Jean’s new job pits her against a nasty spirit straight out of an urban legend, she accidentally opens the door for a ruthless evil to walk among the living. All it needs is the life force of a gifted child…and it has its sights set on Peri Jean’s young cousin.

Now Peri Jean must risk her life to save a little girl and send this monster back where he belongs. But to win, she will have to crawl through a hell that will change her forever.

Can Peri Jean risk herself to save the day? Or are some lines too great to be crossed?

Crossroads is the seventh book in the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thriller series. If you like your urban fantasy served up spooky and smothered in ghosts, magic, and a foul-mouthed heroine who never backs down, you’ll love this series.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 20
Long Roads and Dark Ends Press
Catie Rhodes

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Hopeful4More ,


Peri Jean is now working and living with Mysti, along with Mysti’s boyfriend Griff. What seems like a simple and routine haunting case that Griff decides to take on, turns out to be anything but. Now the whole gang, including Wade and Peri Jeans eccentric family must fight this evil spirit named the “Coachman”. Unfortunately he has his sights set on Peri Jean and her younger cousin Zora and is willing to destroy anyone and everything in his way. While trying to piece together who the coachman is, Peri Jean begins to connect with her remaining family members and learns a lot about their past. She will also meet some more of her ancestors and continues to get pushed around by Pricilla. Which ends up putting her in a predicament that’ll surely catch up with her later down the road. However it’s exactly what is needed given the circumstances she is in and the fact that the coachman is one of the worst enemies Peri Jean has had to face yet. It’s a battle of the wills to the end. Can Peri Jean save Zora’s life and her own while keeping everyone around her safe? And how does she handle her powers as they continue to grow even though she is in over her head? I’ve learned the answers and now on my way over the read the next book in the series to see where Peri Jeans newest path takes her.

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