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A new job. A spellbound trinket. A deserted rest stop. Destiny outlasts even the most stubborn travelers.

Out of a job and broke, Peri Jean Mace travels with a paranormal investigations team to creepy Nazareth, Texas to find a missing girl. Turns out a lot of people disappear in Nazareth. And they all made their final stop at the same abandoned roadside comfort station. 

Armed with a haunted snow globe and unsure of her abilities, Peri Jean must race to figure out not just who, but what is responsible... or be the next to go missing.

Rest Stop is book four in the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thriller Series. If you like your Urban Fantasy with a heroine as tough as an overcooked steak and full of supernatural scares, you’ll love Rest Stop. 

Download Rest Stop today and take a walk on the dark side with Peri Jean Mace.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 26
Long Roads and Dark Ends Press
Catie Rhodes

Customer Reviews

Hopeful4More ,

Rest stop

As Peri Jean begins a new chapter in her life she decides to step out of her comfort zone. Her new friend/mentor Mysti has asked that she tag along on a missing persons job. Mysti works as a contractor from time to time for PI named Griff who has taken on a new client. They are looking for the clients daughter who ran away decades ago but her mother doesn’t believe she ever made it out of their small town. Once they get there they can immediately tell that the daughter is in fact deceased. At that point it becomes a murder investigation and body recovery. Peri Jean was given a bag with some of the daughters personal items. A T-shirt, a pic and a snow globe that shouldn’t have been on the bag. The globe ends up becoming a crucial piece in the search for the murderer. While interacting with the globe Peri Jean ends up having visions of the ghosts final days. Which lead the team to an old, closed down rest stop. Once arriving there Peri Jean learns that there is a lot more to the supernatural world than she ever thought was possible. Luckily that doesn’t stop her from taking it all in and learning what she can from her experiences. After beating the most recent murderer, they not only solve this case but locate the body’s of quite a few other missing persons cases. At the end of it all, Griff offer Peri Jean a job as physic medium contractor for up coming cases where her abilities would be needed. She begins to fully understand what good she can do from accepting her destiny. Now we just have to wait and see throughout the series what exactly that destiny entails and how she handles it.

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