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A magical gemstone. A haunted house. A murderer on the loose. Destiny and ghosts can really ruin a road trip.

Peri Jean Mace travels to Louisiana’s plantation country to catch her two-timing boyfriend with his pants down. A car wreck later, she’s stuck in a house full of strangers solving a decades-old murder mystery. 

But when Peri Jean finds a necklace that enhances her supernatural abilities, she unearths secrets a murderer thought forever buried. Now a target herself, Peri Jean is in a race against a stone-cold killer masquerading as a regular person. 

Can Peri Jean figure out the truth in time?

Black Opal is book two in the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thriller series. If you like your Urban Fantasy full of ghosts, family secrets, and a gutsy heroine, you’ll love Black Opal. 

Buy Black Opal today and take a wild ride with Peri Jean Mace.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 1
Catie Rhodes
Catie Rhodes

Customer Reviews

Hopeful4More ,

Black opal

This is the next story in Peri Jean’s life… after her boyfriend forgets his wallet she makes an instant decision to drive all the way to Louisiana and hand delivery it to him. While there she gets to meet his family and the ex-wife. Peri jean is only there for a short weekend trip but that’s all she needs to solve a cold case close to the hearts of her boyfriend and his family. Come to find out one of Dean’s sisters went missing about 20 years prior and it takes only a day for Peri Jean to locate her body. After both Dean and his mother asks her to try and solve the case she gets busy. The whole time during the investigation a black opal necklace belonging to Deans grandmother (and her ancestors) constantly finds its way to Peri Jean, no matter how many times she gives it back. This opal has magical properties that’s helps to strengthen her abilities with ghosts. Thanks to the help of the opal, it only takes Peri Jean another day to talk to the spirits, hunt down clues and figure out who the murderer is. We also get to learn more about Deans family and his story, while Peri Jean becomes slightly more comfortable with her ability to see ghosts and doing what she can to help them move on. This book is a little shorter than the first one but you still have all the same twists while diving into a good mystery with pushy ghosts.

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