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Eden Terry survived the first ring of hell only to end up in the second one.
With nothing but a trowel and her wits, she's determined to escape the work camp holding her prisoner. She dreams of finding a safe haven and living in the new, devastated world on her own.
However, surviving alone after she escapes proves more difficult than she ever imagines. While running from zombies and hellhounds, a new creature emerges. This one isn't after her blood. He wants much more.
Eden must decide who the real devils are between man and demon. Choosing wrong could cost her life; choosing correctly could lead her to the haven she's been searching for.

Demon Escape is a standalone novel in the Resurrection world. It can be read alone or following the original trilogy as it revisits the characters from the first three books. Thanks for reading!

February 27
M.J. Haag
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

deissygirl ,

Awesome series!

Eden and Ghua. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t think it was possible to like these two individuals as much as i liked Mya and Drav ( first 3 books which i highly recommend) . Eden is a strong female trying to survive this zombie apocalypse and cruel human world now. Everyday is survival because either zombies or hounds can kill you or the humans can. Shes been kept hostage by some cruel humans males that make her and others work in exchange of shelter. Each day its gets worse because the males want more from her not just work. Eden will rather fight then give them what they want so in the end she makes a run for it. And thats when she meets Ghua. Ghua who is the “fey” . Grey looking man...with reptile looking eyes, who she try’s to avoid but cant because the fey are desperate to save humans especially cute girls like eden! we get to catch up on Mya and Drav and where they are now! Cant wait for more stories from the resurrection chronicles!

jjw315 ,


If you’re looking into this book, you read the first three. And they blew your mind with their awesomeness. This is a spin off, about Ghua finding his mate. If you’re like me, and you’ve been burned by the spin off, give this a try. It actually stays true to the series and is amazing!
I was a little skeptical at first because how could Ghua compare to Drav, I mean come on. Well, READ THIS BOOK. Oh my goodness. I love Ghua. Eden is the perfect blend of sass, feminine energy, power, sex appeal and yes even innocence. She is his perfect match. Watching their story unfold is heartwarming, hilarious and all around addictive.
Not to give spoilers, but you need to know about the new Godzilla. It’s flipping fantastic. I cannot wait for the other books.

SamTB2012 ,

This book will have you laughing

In this book we meet a girl named Eden. We find out she is not living in the best place. Pretty much slave work and having to watch your back. She decides it’s time to leave off on her own. She will either survive on her own or die.

She meets a Fae who ends up saving her. At first she is scared and things he is kidnapping her. By the end she ends up falling in love.

This book will having you laughing so hard. You will also be saying aww. I love how feisty Eden is. If you read the first 3 books you need to read this!

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