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Former Delta Force Operator turned CIA Ghost Ops Operative Cade Winters has been dodging his dysfunctional family for years.  He isn’t supposed to have a family, it’s too dangerous, but Cade can’t let go of the only person he gives a shit about, his sister Veronica.  When he makes his yearly call to her and finds out she’s receiving death threats from a homegrown terrorist group, Cade knows he has no choice but to go back to Texas to make sure she’s safe.

Fresh out of a six-year hitch in the Army, Cee Cee Logan thinks she’s finally earned her brother David’s respect when he finally offers her a job with his security firm.  She quickly sees that isn’t the case when the job she’s hired for turns out to be that of the team secretary, a nice safe, desk job like he told her to get when she graduated college.  Cecelia is frustrated, but takes the position because she is determined to prove to her chauvinistic and overprotective sibling once and for all she’s capable of so much more.

By the end of the first week, Cee Cee wishes she’d have just re-enlisted.  Her body is stiff from sitting, her fingers sore and her mind numb, but what really makes her want to run back to Afghanistan where she would at least be respected by her colleagues is the company’s other new hire.  Cade Winters, her ex-lover, is back in town and the hardhearted, hard-bodied operator is a man she definitely doesn’t know anymore. 

When a trafficked woman’s repatriation clinic is attacked, and Cade’s sister Veronica, a judge, is in grave danger, Cecelia is presented with her opportunity to prove herself as an agent.  But the question was, did she want it?  Could she trust her partner to have her back when he seemed to be on a mission of his own to put a knife in it every chance he got?

January 26
Becky McGraw
Draft2Digital, LLC

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I have a new BBF—thrilling, exciting romance

HOLY SH*@BALLS!!! WOW!!! If you like suspense/thriller stories you gotta grab Hell Bent. It is two for the price of one. Hell Bent has a wonderful balance between suspense, thriller, and romance. It is a page turner from page one. It was a nail biter. It was exciting. It was hot.
Cade Winters needs to protect his sister. The only problem, she is in Texas and he is in Columbia. Cade calls the company he recently worked for to protect her. Deep Six Security is the go to agency if you are in trouble. Roni Winters Rooks is in serious trouble. (Little back detail for those that haven't read Trouble with the Law, Roni is a bull in the courtroom.) She just doesn't know how to backdown. Now she is taking to the streets helping those that fell victim to human trafficking. Someone or someones want her stopped.
Cade Winters has had years taking down those that harm others. No one is more important than his sister Roni. For her, he will return to Texas. He will have to confront his past, Cecelia Logan. Talk about bad blood. I am not sure who adds more fuel to the fire, but sparks fly.
As if the trafficking, attacks, and kidnappings weren't enough of a thrill, Cade and Cecelia's relationship is one for the books. It doesn't hurt that Cade is H. O. T. --hot. It doesn't hurt that he is a super protective alpha. It doesn't hurt that there such deep passion. Cade butts heads with the woman that Cecilia has become. The woman that he helped create. Cecelia is no longer the hugging, loving, gentle young woman. She has toughened. She has closed down. She has sex for sex sake.
She even pretends to have sex with Cade for sex alone. You can't fake love. You can't fake passion. You can't fake desire. I wonder if that is why Cade ran? Let the chase begin. Let the mating dance commence. Get ready to scream one minute and happy dance the next.
Becky McGraw gave me a wonderful book boyfriend in Cade. The things he did for the innocent young victim, Amelia, amazed me and left me swooning. His body had me drooling and hot. But what really did it for me was what happened after the smoke cleared. He helped save all of those women and almost lost his own. Let me tell you that man knows how to say "I'm sorry". Actions do speak louder than words. I could read it over and over again. Men take note, the bar has been raised.

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