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To become a witch or not to become a witch? That is the question. At least that’s the question Kara, Heather, and Stella, three of the gypsy healers, are facing.  The high fae ambassador, Perizada, the healers, and a host of wolves are in a race against time to create the witch army that Volcan desires. But they must also keep the gypsy healers, beings of pure light and goodness, from becoming evil in the process. Should be a piece of cake. Meanwhile, the werewolf males are fighting their innate hunger to mark their mates and finish the Blood Rites, thereby keeping their own darkness at bay. If they remain unbound, a chink forms in the packs’ armor, one that Volcan won’t hesitate to exploit when he finds it.

September 25
Quinn Loftis Books, LLC
PublishDrive Inc.

Customer Reviews

No adobe ,


Oh My Goodness!!!!!! This was the best book yet!!!! I laughed, I cried, I couldn't put this book down!!!! Quinn Loftis keep them coming!

Aj-Kosh ,

My Emotions!!!

I’m always feeling what the characters go through but this time was a doozy. I’ve never seen a series with such a rich lore, continuity and consistency. Quinn has outdone herself yet again and now I’m ready for more GWS!!!

L. Swan ,

Satisfying Conclusion

An innocent and feel good happy ending story to the Gypsy Healer series. I adored and liked the message the series brought with its references to religious quality, the fight between good and evil that everyone struggles with and the choice being ultimately up to the characters. The sacrifices made throughout the series, and this book are heartbreaking and selfless, the forgiveness they give out admiring. I always appreciate all the different character perspectives, their emotional turmoil was insane with their triumphs being epic. The action is very stagnant with the climate battle at the end, the story centers around the emotional and mental barriers the characters face. A very appropriate series for young adults, with the dialogue between characters sounding very sarcastically innocent and tame.
The romance between all the characters and their respected true mates is always adorably sweet, with their unfailing devotion, forgiveness and patience. It was fulfilling to read the growing relationship for the mater characters, as they grew in their trust and love for one another. The love revelations revealed were exciting and satisfying when concluded.
The supporting characters were unyielding in their pursuit of fighting against evil and their sacrifice sad, but their actions memorable.

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