Intimate Intuition Intimate Intuition
Book 6 - Lotus House

Intimate Intuition

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Silas McKnight is the owner of multi-million-dollar musical production company Knight & Day Productions. He’s rich, attractive, and loyal to his core. He’s the man every woman wants but none can have. He’s suffered immeasurable loss, and he doesn’t plan on ever going through that hell again.

Dara Jackson, the quirky, stunning meditation teacher at Lotus House Yoga, is also the owner of Sunflower Bakery. She’s always dreamed of being a baker—and a mother. Having grown up an orphan, Dara knows what being alone and feeling unwanted is like.

Silas and Dara meet one fated night and spend a single evening worshiping each other’s bodies. All is beautiful until Dara discovers a secret and disappears before the sheets are even cold. Except Dara and Silas can’t escape one another. Destiny has spoken, and these two are about to become far more intimate than they ever thought possible.

May 8
Waterhouse Press
Waterhouse Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

PRbajan ,

Loved this book


This was so good. Brought tears to my eyes so many times
Just wonderful
The love, grief, second chances. A really great read.
One quibble
POC don’t constantly speak the way Silas and Dara did. We speak in regular terms.
Other than that loved the story

Szmoromou ,


When one has hit rock bottom and the future is bleak, it takes just right person to help them see the light and try to claw their way back to happiness. Silas lost so much in that one day, the day that changed him forever. Consuming himself in his work is the only thing that has kept him moving, but the loss starts to drain him mentally and physically. Silas only feels peace when he thinks of the mesmerizing eyes that belong to the woman he spent one incredible night with, Dara. Ever since that beauty entered his life, she's all he can think of. He thought the night they spent together was perfect, but he woke up thinking differently when her side of the bed was cold.

Dara is the stunning mediation yogi who reads auras, teaching mediation and baking in her family bakery. When she stumbled upon Silas, never in her wildest dreams did she think that night would lead to so many secrets. Oh she got spooked alright, the night they shared a mind blowing connection; one that had her running for the hills and not looking back. However, destiny had other plans. Now Dara has a secret that will forever change hers and Silas forever.

Dara and Silas emotional rollercoaster had me sobbing but also rejoicing throughout the book. Silas is such a broken soul with a HUGE heart. I wanted to jump into the book and hold him and take away all the pain he held within him. I wanted to take hold of Dara and celebrate her strength, perseverance, love of life and ability to heal. She radiated a light that was beautiful and addicting.

Just when i think Audrey Carlan can not give us a better storyline in the Lotus House series, she once again blows me away. I LOVE Silas and Dara. I LOVE how each of them gave so much of themselves to heal the other. Bravo Audrey for once again touching my heart and soul.

sarahjmd2 ,

Great Read

This book was amazing. It had me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning. It’s starts off with a big announcement and keeps you interested from the get go . Dara is a total free spirit who knows her body and can use her talents to help others control there’s. When she has a one night stand with a hot drop dead man by the name of Silas she finds her it hard to look away from his handsome face . He is the herd of a big music interprise and she is a yoga 🧘‍♀️ instructor doing Meditation classes. And when he shows up for one of her classes she knows he had demons to battle and she wants to learn him how to deal through meditation with his demons.
You will cry and have your heart tourn out on many occasions and you will laugh at other times it’s one of those books where you keep a Kleenex close by at all times . There is so much love and heartache that you want be able to put the book down. But I think you will love as much as I did and in the process you will learn some important stuff about yoga , meditation and how it can heal your mind, body and soil. I definitely think it’s a 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 read . Well done Audrey Carlan. Can’t wait for the next book in June . I voluntarily read a Advanced Copy!

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