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After a horrific breakup with Dylan Sloan, the bad boy of the Dixon High Swim team, Charley Rice loses the confident swimmer she once was. Her best friend, Cash Montgomery is the only one who truly knows what happened that night and is a constant source of strength. After a summer of questioning who she wants to be, Charley decides to put the past behind and leave the small town of Grassy Pond to stand on her own two feet again.


While Charley is living her life to the fullest at college she meets Joe Olsen and falls head over heels. But one letter is about to change everything and this time Cash isn’t there to help her.  Will she be able to escape her past and on her own? Will she run home to Cash? Or will she find comfort in the arms of Joe?

Young Adult
September 25
Casey Peeler
Casey Peeler

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Dreamer0991 ,

Great read!

Charley just broke up with the bad boy Dylan Sloan and is turn trying to rediscover herself. While the swimmer is away from home living up the college life she meets another group of friends and Joe Olson. Thinking her luck has changed and she's getting back to herself she gets a letter from her best friend Cash that just might change everything. It's always been Charley and cash money, her closest friend that is there through everything. Thing is is there more than friendship there? If they take the next step what does it mean with her at college and him at home? Follow this awesome love story where best friends may just turn into lovers!

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