Southern Perfection Southern Perfection

Southern Perfection

A Small-Town Friends to Lovers Teen Romance

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Publisher Description

"It is heartwarming, as well as heartbreaking, and I absolutely loved every minute of it." ~Chelly, Hardcover Therapy

Laugh, ugly cry, & fall in LOVE with this friends-to- lovers clean teen romance novel!

Apparently, losing your parents isn’t enough for this girl. I've always handled what given until Granddaddy drops a bombshell.

Good thing Emmett showed up. 

Now, if I can trust him with the secret before it breaks me completely.

Young Adult
January 13
Casey Peeler
Casey Peeler

Customer Reviews

ChellyPeeler ,

Heartwarming and heartbreaking

On the outside, Raegan Lowery is the perfect All-American girl – honor student, varsity cheerleader, beautiful and nice to everyone, but she has also had a hard past. At the age of 5, Raegan lost her entire family except for her granddaddy, who will always be number 1 in her life. When school ends, the hard work begins and she does more than her part in running the family farm to make sure her granddaddy doesn’t overdo it.

Emmett Bridges made his mark on Raegan when he gave her a stuffed bunny after she lost everything. Little did he know, that small act of kindness made a huge impact on Raegan’s life and she has never forgotten him. After being gone for a few years, Emmett’s back and he can’t get Raegan out of his head. He’s been warned to stay away by others who have staked their claim on Raegan, but he’ll let her make that choice.

When Raegan learns that her world may be turned upside down once again, she’s asked to keep the secret within her small family. This secret is eating her alive and breaking her heart, and she doesn’t know how she’ll survive this again. Emmett is the perfect southern gentleman and she’s falling for him fast, but can she fully let him in her life? No one will ever come before Granddaddy and she wills always be there for him, but who will be there for her in the end?

I have had the honor of working with Casey Peeler on all of her projects, and I have loved watching her grow as an author. I can honestly say that this is BY FAR the best book she has written to date. Southern Perfection is a beautiful story full of love, healing, southern life, family, and friends. It is heartwarming, as well as heartbreaking, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Keep a box of tissues handy, you’ll need it!

StephV16 ,

Simply Amazing

Captivatingly beautiful and heart breaking. Ironically, I finished this book today exactly three months since my grandpa left this earth. My Pap always called me sunshine too. Needless to say, I'm a crying mess missing my grandpa but found strength in this book. Strength to push on and strength to keep smiling even when it feels like the world is breaking. This book had a much bigger impact on me than I thought it would. I will definitely be looking into Casey's other books.

Dreamer0991 ,

Too Good!

I read this in a day! As I sit and write this review tomorrow (sept 9) will be 12 years since I lost my grandmother who lived with me from the time I was born til a month before she passed away. It's also 18 months since I lost my great grandmother who I lived with the past 8 years. This book really hit home because both of these women remind me so much of Reagan's granddaddy! The difference is I don't have a man, my parents are both alive, even though they are divorced, and I'm not in the south(other than southern ohio! Lol). My grandmother that passed away 12 years ago died of a bad heart, my great grandmother died of her heart but due to complications of lymphoma. I can tell you both days like they were yesterday! My one grandma I didn't get to say goodbye to. My great grandmother , I didn't leave her side, I was by her side when the dr told her she had stage 4 lymphoma! She had it for months but her regular dr did not seem to catch it! She didn't want to have treatments but for me she tried! I held her hand during the 8 hour treatment! ONE treatment, before it took her. On March 10, 2013 I got the call in the middle of the night to meet her at the ER! After being transported to a different hospital I watched and held her hand as she slowly went! And the thing is she asked me several times why wouldn't it end, she just wanted to go home! On March 11, 2013 in the early mornings I sat and watched her take her last breath. She was a good Christian lady who fought breast cancer 10 years ago! I couldn't blame god because he was ready for her to come home. It's just something that I will never forget! Because like Reagan and granddaddy, my world revolved around my great grandma!
This isn't your typical love story! I love the relationship that Emmett and Reagan have, but I also love that the story is revolved around someone else! This story shows the dynamics of family and the affects they have on relationships! Although Emmett loved Reagan, he understood what family meant to her! I love Casey Peelers books and have been a fan since book 1 and don't think that's going to change anytime soon!
Make sure you have tissues nearby because this is a tear jerker but is also a heartwarming tale! Good job Casey on an awesome book!

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