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It has been months since the Siege of Port Rush. The Warlord, under the command of Jacob Valent, has been travelling to ports across the sector to gather intelligence, capturing ships and cargo as they go. Manpower and funds are still in short supply, but the Captain is winning the support of the British Alliance, and his crew suspects he has a long term plan that will lead to bigger prizes.

After a period of intense training with the new Ranger Division, Alice and a number of young recruits fight the last remaining forces left behind after the siege. The enemies on the ground near Haven Shore are almost eliminated, and she will have to make a decision: remain with the new outfit, or return to the Warlord, her father’s ship.

Haven Shore has become a beacon for peace while war looms in the near future. Politics and petty squabbles threaten to destabilise the new government while commanders fight for the manpower they need to complete repairs on the Triton and the rest of their small fleet.

Ayan, Jake, Minh-Chu, Alice and their friends will face the greatest of challenges as they are forced to make life and death decisions. The galaxy teeters on the verge of all-out war, and they have very little time to find their place before it begins.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 18
Randolph Lalonde
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Matt beat ,

10/10 would do again x1000

This is one of my favorite novels and Ima be sad when it's gone

Poppapeter ,

More, please!!!!!

As much fun as Heinlein, not so stuffy as Clarke - great characters and a storyline that keeps me wanting more! I just re-read the whole series when I saw that Renegades was out, and I liked it even better the second time through.
Is there some significance to all the female leads whose name starts with A? And how the hell do you pronounce "Edxi"???
Keep it coming - I keep wondering when this is going to get picked up by a producer for tv or film, it would be WAY better than Star Wars, in the right hands (Christopher Nolan? Maybe even that bad robot guy that did the last Star Trek?) bring it on!!!

The Best Stuff! ,

Great space opera

Has all the elements of a classic space opera with evil aliens, and battles where the heroic captain defies all odds and prevails. Lots of interesting tech mixed in. More please!

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