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Captain Valance and his crew are finally learning to work as a unit. Oblivious to the grander designs of the Order of Eden, they are drawn into a brutal conflict over a planet the Order is depopulating so they can use it for themselves. Who will survive the Frontline?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 7
Randolph Lalonde
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

ixnayus ,

Good series desperately in need of a professional editor

While the series is interesting and engaging as far as the plot is concerned, the author's tenuous grasp of the rules of English grammar, coupled with the apparent lack of any proof reading, make reading this book and the others in the Spinward Fringe series frustrating and exhausting. There are literally dozens and dozens of typos, misspellings, malapropisms, and grammatical errors throughout that would have (and should have) been caught and corrected by a professional editor.

JTFlives ,

Great Story, Horrible Editing

I had great hopes for this book, following the previous ones, which were very enjoyable. There are several very engrossing story lines, and I really enjoy the main characters. Unfortunately, the editing is absolutely atrocious. I can't believe this author could release this for sale with so many blatant grammatical problems. It gets very frustrating when I have to constantly re-read sentences and whole paragraphs to make sense of what he is trying to say.

As much as I really want to see how this story progresses, I don't know whether I can take any more of the rambling, mis-punctuated, poorly structured sentences that come along with it.

iBest. ,

Amazing science-fiction

I was not a big fan of Sci-Fi books before. Well, this series changed it, I am addicted to and love to read any amounts these books!
Amazing work Randolph!

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