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William 874X is the fifth book in this futuristic Science Fiction and Fantasy series from USA Today Bestselling Author Donna McDonald. 

Will doesn’t need the trouble Meara causes, but maybe he does need her.

For Captain William Talon, aka William 874, there aren’t many choices left. Whoever captured him after the war kept him out of the Cyber Husband program and instead turned him into a killing machine—a worse one than most cyborgs. 

Will has no idea how many deaths are on his hands nor does he want to know. The few incidents he recalls are bad enough. But now it has come to this… Kyra and Peyton need a better cyborg than their mysterious Creator Omega enemy is making.

Will’s processor is dying daily which means the rest of him will die soon as well. An upgrade of the kind Kyra's talking about will either improve his entire existence or kill him completely. Ironically, Will really doesn't care which. He’d have taken his own life years ago if he could have gotten around the daily brainwashing. 

His losses are massive. Like many other cyber soldiers, they include the loss of his family who are convinced he's a prime example of walking evil. 

His gains since Peyton rescued him? Really there's only one—just one annoying, endlessly chattering, red-haired troublemaker who's volunteered to be upgraded as well. Now they're cybernetically married, or at least they are in Meara’s warped mind. 

What's he supposed to do with a female cyborg partner who has no boundaries?

And what's he supposed to do with the first hope he’s felt in years?

ABOUT THIS SERIES - Set in the future, this science fiction action and adventure series explores military boundaries in a tale of created cyborgs and genetic engineering. It contains strong romance elements for paranormal, science fiction, and urban fantasy romance fans.

July 19
Donna McDonald
Donna McDonald

Customer Reviews

jdso111815 ,

Another good read in this series!

When I first starting reading this series and William became part of the story, I didn't think he was salvageable. I'm happy that is not the case and he is on his way to a happier life. And for sure now he is has his hands full keeping up with Meara. I have enjoyed reading this series and the unique characters in each of the stories.

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