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Nothing rattles me. Well…almost nothing. As the most even-tempered player on the Chicago Blaze, I take everything in stride – hockey, fame and life in general. No one knows that deep down, even I’ve got a trigger. She’s a tall brunette with a gorgeous smile and an iron will. The woman who crushed my heart long ago. I never plan to return to Greentree Falls, Wisconsin and lay eyes on Allie Douglas again - until suddenly, I’m left without a choice.


Somehow, I’m keeping it all together. Raising my nieces and nephew alone and working takes everything I’ve got and then some, but I get by. I don’t have time for love, and who needs a man, anyway? I gave up the love of my life a decade ago, and now he’s just a distant memory. Until one day, he comes back home. And once I see him, I’m not keeping it together anymore.

Not even close.

5 May
Silver Sky Publishing, Inc.
Brenda Bowen

Customer Reviews

Mandadrummo ,

4 stars

A super sweet second chance romance, this usually isn’t my favourite trope but this one was great, no over the top angst and drama, lots of emotion and chemistry and an intense connection that stayed solid even after an extended period apart. Another great addition to the series.

Quinny19 ,

Asking too many $s

Not enough content for the price. I have read other books in series and about $4 is the worth for the amount of pages.😡

Jaxwright57 ,

Ticked all my boxes

Second chance romance at its best and once you add it a great hockey storyline you get the perfect read for all lovers of romance in general as well as sports romance lovers.
Erik and Allie broke up when Allie graduated high school but what Erik never knew was she was doing what she thought was best for him, she loved him enough to let him go, to let him follow his career in the NHL without having her and her family commitments. Erik is forced back to his hometown when his mum and aunt both need help do to an accident and as soon as he comes face to face with Allie he realises what he left behind, he realises he still has feelings for his childhood sweetheart.....
Allie is now raising her sisters 3 children and life hasn’t been easy so will she be prepared to take a leap of faith and see where fate is going to take her or will she still believe Erik is better off without her and the children she loves so dearly....
I loved everything about this book, I loved Erik and Allie, I loved the kids and their teenage tantrums, I loved Erik’s small family unit but most importantly I loved the feels this book gave me. This is a beautifully written love story that I highly recommend. Great job Ms Rothert.

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